Personal Summary

I live in Bradenton, Florida, with my family.

When not studying or volunteering, I spend my days learning new skills (such as HTML/CSS for this site), contributing to various Wiki-Projects, and reading extensively about international politics and world events.

I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Library and Information Science at the University of South Florida's School of Information.

Career Goals

My career goal is to apply my background in international and cross-cultural studies to efficiently, optimally, and responsibly manage a library, archive, or other cultural institution.

As a Librarian or Archivist I plan on promoting innovative approaches in the access of collections and the incorporation of technology in fun, novel, and interesting ways; with the ultimate goal of building communities of learning composed of interconnected cultural institutions that work together to inform, enrich, and expose patrons of all ages and backgrounds to the value of culture and the access to information.

Through my professional career and volunteer work I will always strive to remind our (often) forgetful society of the value of the world's cultural heritage and that everyone has a stake in its survival.

Hobbies and Other Interests

Not straying too far from my academic and career interests, my hobbies lean toward cultural and artistic endeavors.

Some of my favorite pastimes include (in no particular order):

Of course I can't survive solely by enriching the mind, so I also enjoy:
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Walking (preferably on the beach or in a museum)
  • Gardening